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Want to save $1,000's on your next painting project?

Would you pay 40% more for the same or less quality? Some companies think you will. Read on to learn more.

I was conducting a final walk-through with a client recently. He was delighted with the work, the hard work the crew put in, and our willingness to work with him on what he needed and wanted on his project.

I asked him how he found us and why he decided to use Spring Texas Painters. He said he found our company on Google. He explained that we gave him his first bid, and when he saw the amount, he was shocked! So, he called two other companies to provide him with a proposal.

Both companies didn't go into nearly the detail we did both in person and with our bid's detailed project scope and estimate. He said one company representative walked around, pointed to a few things, and then wrote up a quote within what felt like just a few minutes. The other company took measurements, asked some questions but didn't spend much time with him, and didn't provide detail regarding the project.

Both companies were painting franchises with local offices, and both quotes were significantly more expensive than our bid. The homeowner went on to tell me that the closest bid was almost $3,000 more than ours!

The homeowner couldn't believe that these companies asked for more money to do the same painting project! $3,000 more!

He called us back, we did the project, and he's now a delighted customer.

Why you should consider not using a Franchise.

Many of the Painting companies that come up when homeowners are looking for a painting company are Franchises. Companies like:

  • Fresh Coat

  • CertaPro Painters

  • Southern Painting

  • Five Star Painting

  • 360 Painting

  • Color World Housepainting

  • Wow 1 Day Painting

  • America's Color Consultants

  • Klappenberger & Son

  • Lime Painting

  • Painter1

  • Protect Painters

  • and more...

We believe homeowners need to know these two facts regarding Frachinse painting companies:

  1. Cost - Up to 15% of the project cost goes directly to mandatory royalty and regional advertising fees, and many times those fees are paid to companies out of state.​​

  2. Restricted Territory - Franchises have to focus on making the most money they can with each project because their territory is restricted, limiting their opportunities to bring in revenue.

Those two factors drive the prices up significantly compared to what non-franchise painting companies charge.

Before paying companies like these your hard-earned money, please give yourself peace of mind by getting a quote from Spring Texas Painters. We are a locally owned and family-operated Professional Painting Contractor.

Why Spring Texas Painters?

Whom you select to work in and around your home is a huge decision, even though you might not think it is.

The painter you select for this project will be in and around your home for days and maybe weeks. They may have access to the interior of your home, and as a result, access to your personal belongings.

Most importantly, they will be in close contact with you, your family, friends, and neighbors. Therefore, it makes sense to gather as much information as possible about any potential contractor you will use for all of these reasons.

Our crews have gone through a Proven Pre-Screening process that includes:

  • Three-step Screening, Interview, and Selection process

  • Criminal Background

  • Sex Offender Registry

  • Social Security Number Validation

  • Company Training that covers Safety, Ethics, and Respectful Workplace Practices

For every painting project Spring Texas Painters:

  • Provides a 5-Year Worry-Free Warranty

  • Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

  • Provides Detailed, Written Estimates

  • Walks you through our Proven Painting Processes

  • Maintains Business Insurance that includes a minimum of $1,000,000 in General Liability

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